We keep slogging away

Like all the best people, I get my Slogging via IPJ and this one is quite good.

It’s basically about the Virginia Bottomley/Jeremy Hunt connection and all I can say after all that is – well, did you expect anything better from politicians?   Always has been a gravy train but in recent decades, a quangoistic gravy train.   You can read the fine detail over there but some lines were worth repeating:

 This is what Baroness Nettlestone mainly gets up to in the Lords: she lobbies on behalf of the private health sector via her directorship of BUPA. She must’ve been a shoe-in for that little earner, she having been Health Secretary in charge of the public sector an’ all

He made a fortune at the taxpayers’ expense as monopoly supplier to a notorious quango where, by happy coincidence, his cousin sat on the Board. He became MP for SW Surrey where, by happy coincidence, his cousin had been MP previously. He became Minister in charge of Media & Culture where, by happy coincidence, he wound up steering his pals at Newscorp in the right direction. And he became Health Secretary partly because, by happy coincidence, his cousin is a lobbyist for the private health sector.

LOL.  He’s nothing if not evenhanded:

Hilariously, Virginia Bottomley has described herself as “a one-nation” Conservative. Well I guess we now know which of Disraeli’s two nations she was talking about.

Sadly, ‘Red’ Ed’s flimsy attempt to take on the mantle of Benjamin Dizziband last week is no kind of alternative to the privatisation and commercial exploitation of Westminster by the Tory Party’s mates in big business and banking. The Ed Miller Band too has its UNITE mates who must be satisfied, its largely pro-Labour immigrants who must be loved up, its teachers who resist real educational reform, and its public sector employees who vote Labour by a margin of two to one.

I take him to task over one part of this:

The truth is that none of our triumvirate of Westminster Parties has the majority citizen in mind when formulating policy. The Libdems represent slavish support for Brussels and all its works. Labour thinks equality is about affirmative, favouritist action for noisy minorities. And the Tories think they work for anyone with money and power.

The Tories are two parties in one.   There are the graft merchants, same as all of em but then there are the true conservatives.   Sadly, these are leaving in droves, often for UKIP but sometimes for some sort of limbo [purgatory?] and they are where I am at this time, unrepresented but closest to UKIP’s stance on many issues.

In fact, I’d not say we’re conservative in a small fanatical cliquy way, we’re just part of the old way – you know, country, family, nation, proper teaching, jobs, marriage – the things which were taken as granted before the socialists got to them.   Have to smile at being labelled extreme these days for holding to the old non-relativist values.



Hotcourses is where Hunt made his money, see below to see just what type of training he was selling to government departments.

That’s right, NLP courses…


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