If It’s Not Nailed Down…

For decades, it was the centrepiece of an east London housing estate and was known affectionately as Old Flo. But the towering Henry Moore sculpture, Draped Seated Woman, created for public display, is now likely to end up in an auction room with a £20m price tag to raise much-needed funds for Tower Hamlets, which is the site of some of the worst deprivation in Britain.

It’s not actually doing anyone any good at the moment, because it’s not currently on display in London!

And why not? Well…

The council has also raised the fear that the sculpture, if it were brought back to the capital, could be stolen by metal thieves.

Council officers complained that the sculpture is now so valuable it is virtually uninsurable.

Public art’s all very well, but I doubt Henry Moore’s socialist little heart ever envisioned this particular threat, eh?

1 comment for “If It’s Not Nailed Down…

  1. Greg Tingey
    October 13, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Well, you could actually put it on public display, and make it part of an electrical circuit, which, if broken, sets off an al;arm.
    Stupid bastards – they’re looking for an excuse to sell, aren’t they?

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