Those worthy people appointed to be in charge of us

From Wiggia:

Today’s riot police:


… and in the sixties at the last Oswald Mosley meeting in the East End of London taken with my trusty Rollieflex:

20141223_103 copy

And in a similar vein, Italian protestors bringing a whole new meaning to leading from the front:


Meanwhile, those fine folk in charge of our lives have been blocking any transparency in their expenses, seemingly for ever:

And of course, another example of councillors deciding the law should be used for their protection from ridicule even when justified. Quite understandable really:

Concerning that Labour Party segregation issue:

… this below could have been added, what a difference to the sour faced bunch of Labour hypocrites who will not now answer questions on the matter:

And regarding our worthy officials and the awards they give themselves for neglect of duty, this has about the same value as a Nigerian share certificate: