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Well, Yes. And The Problem With This Is..?

June 29, 2015 14 Comments

Large parts of England are about to become off-limits for tens of thousands of poorer families because of the planned cut in the annual benefit cap, David Cameron is being warned by housing experts. In the same way that Bentleys and yachts are ‘off limits’ to me, I suppose? Ministers argue that the policy – described as a “matter of fairness” by the Chancellor, George Osborne, and the Work and…

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Relief at last: the end of polls — for now

May 8, 2015 16 Comments

The most annoying aspect of Election 2015 was the endless American-style polling. Every result showed either minimal difference between Conservatives and Labour or a dead heat. Even Nate Silver, the much-lauded US forecaster of American election results, was off. In the end, they proved nothing. Only the exit poll was accurate. The New Statesman‘s May2015 site explained how the exit poll was achieved. It’s a fascinating article. The tabulations are…

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